Piotr Andrejew - Andrean - writer, director - movies

teaching and university degrees
(reversed chronology)



university lecturer in film directing and screenwriting in Poland



PhD degree in Art of Cinema at the Directing Dept. of The National Film School in Łódź (PWSFTviT im. Leona Schillera), Poland; PhD oeuvre: short films: OKNO, ON, SANCTUS, feature fiction: CZUŁE MIEJSCA;
PhD thesis: "From an initial concept to the film completion. Similarities and differences between a short film creation and a fiction feature production." promoter: Prof. dr Piotr Szulkin; co-promoters: Prof. Janusz Sosnowski, Prof. Maciej Wojtyszko; Dean of the Directing Dept.: Prof. Filip Bajon


2011 - 2012

Elements of the Film Directing, History of Cinema; position: visiting professor, Krakow Screenwriters School (Krakowska Szkoła Scenariuszowa), Krakow (Kraków), Poland


2009 - 2011

subject: Film Directing; position: visiting professor; Directing Dept. of The Krakow School of Film and Audiovisual Communication, Instytut Sztuki, Krakow (Kraków), Poland


1980 - 1982

subject: Documentary Film Directing; position: senior lecturer; Film Directing Dept. of The National Film School (PWSFTviT im. Leona Schillera), Łódź, Poland

  • tutor for the Master of Arts diploma film: a short documentary by Zbigniew Kowalewski: "Ja" ("Me"); 10 minutes, B+W, 35mm, directed by: Zbigniew Kowalewski, photography by: Jarosław Sypniewski, editing by: Małgorzata Zając, produced by Zbigniew Grefkowicz for WFO Łódź, 1981
  • tutor for the Master of Arts thesis by Jarosław Sypniewski



Master of Arts, Directing Dept. of the National Film School (PWSFTviT im. Leona Schillera) in Łódź, Poland



Lecturer and Course Leader at the 3-months Filmmaking Course by "Stodoła" Students Club for students of the Warsaw University of Technology (Politechnika Warszawska)


1968 - 1969

History of Art studies, History Dept., University of Warsaw (Uniwersytet Warszawski)



Master of Social Science, Law School, University of Warsaw (Uniwersytet Warszawski)






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